Cybersecurity Forum

29-31 MAY 2024 – DARK STAGE

In the face of escalating cyber threats, Africa grapples with unique challenges in cybersecurity, losing $4 billion annually to cybercrime, equivalent to 10% of its GDP.

Cyber-attacks surged by over 20% in the past year alone, jeopardizing economic growth and individual privacy. Despite these challenges, the private sector is actively investing in cybersecurity infrastructure and talent. As Africa embraces new technologies like cloud computing and IoT, there is a heightened need for comprehensive cybersecurity policies and frameworks.

Join us as we work towards building a resilient digital ecosystem, integrating security into every facet of Africa's digital development and shaping a secure, trustworthy future for the continent.


High Data Cost

In many African countries, high data costs lead users to disable automatic updates, leaving their devices with outdated software and potential security vulnerabilities.

Skilled Workforce 

In Africa, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is exacerbated by a lack of adequate training programs, hindering the development of a skilled workforce needed for a secure digital future.

Poor Security Measures 

Lack of expertise and resources for thorough cybersecurity testing before launching programs, exposing vulnerabilities to black-hat hackers and jeopardizing the security of public financial information. 


BGEN El Mostafa Rabii

Director General

DGSSI Morocco

Dr Albert Antwi-Boasiako


CSA Ghana

HE Dr Mohamed Al Kuwaiti

Head of the

UAE Cybersecurity Council

Maria das Dores Pinto


Angola Data Protection Agency (APD)

Patricia Adusei-Poku

Executive Director

Ghana Data Protection Commission

Frank Van Caenegem

VP of Cybersecurity

Schneider Electric

Ishaaq Jacobs



Nicola Sotira

Head of CERT

Poste Italiane

Jelena Zelenovic