29-30 MAY – 10X STAGE


Entrepreneurs and investors paving the way for Africa’s digital transformation

Hangwi Muambadzi​

Managing Partner and Head of Africa


Mikael Hajjar

Founding and General Partner

P1 Venture

Babs Ogundeyi

Founder and CEO


Arthur Chupeau

Managing Partner

Baobab Network

Melvyn Lugeba

Co-founder and CEO


Maelis Carraro

Managing Partner

Catalyst Fund

Leslie Ossete

Co-founder & COO


Aïssata Lam

Director General

Investment Promotion Agency of Mauritania

Tosin Eniolorunda

Co-founder and CEO


Marcel Kasumauvich

Deputy CIO

Coinbase Asset Management

Romanna Dada

Head of Ventures


Noureddine Tayebi

CEO and Founder


Renaud Glenisson

Regional CEO



29 MAY – 10X STAGE

In the dynamic African startup ecosystem, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit continue to thrive, despite the evolving global investment landscape. As we embark to 2024, it's evident that Africa's startups, particularly in the tech sector, are not just surviving but also paving new paths for growth and development.

This year, unicorn and soonicorn founders have played a pivotal role in driving this momentum. While the overall funding environment faced challenges, these top-tier startups have demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability.

The focus on scaling innovative solutions and expanding market reach has been a cornerstone of their success.

We're bringing together the brightest minds and visionaries – unicorn founders, soonicorn founders, accelerators, incubators, and other key players in the African startup ecosystem, to delve into the strategies that have driven growth and innovation, understanding both the hurdles and triumphs experienced by these trailblazers. It's a convergence of ideas, experiences, and visions aimed at fortifying Africa's position as a startup hub. Join us in shaping the future of Africa's startup ecosystem, where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every idea holds the potential to revolutionize industries.


30 MAY – 10X STAGE

The African startup ecosystem has experienced significant growth, attracting global attention from investors. In the first nine months of 2023, African tech startups raised $1.4 billion, with $492 million raised in the third quarter alone. However, this represents a 48% decrease compared to the same period in 2022, indicating a shift in the investment climate.

Despite this challenging global funding environment, Africa's venture ecosystem is making a comeback, demonstrating resilience, with a 28% increase in capital raised by entrepreneurs in Q3 2023 compared to the previous year.

This growth, however, is concentrated in larger deals, with super-sized deals of over $100 million bolstering the ecosystem. In contrast, seed and early-stage companies have faced a downturn, with deal activity declining by 46% and 40% respectively. The most active sectors have been financials, information technology, and consumer discretionary, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all venture capital deals.

Here we come, to catalyze investment in Africa's startup ecosystem, focusing on fostering a more diverse and sustainable investment climate. It brings together investors to explore strategies for supporting early-stage ventures and to diversify investments beyond the dominant sectors. We facilitate connections, share insights, and create a collaborative platform for investors to navigate the unique challenges and leverage the opportunities present in Africa’s dynamic startup landscape.


Thinking Billions

Building More African’s Unicorns

Beyond the Starting Line

Navigating Advanced Funding

Investing Locally, Impacting Globally

Exploring International-African VC Collaborations

Capital Inequality

Bridging the Investment Gap for Women-Led Startups

Regulations & Startups

The Love-Hate Relationship

The African Ecosystem Through the Eyes of DFI’s and Private Equities


Act, Impact, And Profit

Transformative Investments in Action

Emerging Stronger

Elevate the Early-Bird Fund Managers